Zpvk Sting is in Prague! He left the luxury hotel straight to the sound check

The world-famous singer Sting (71) lives in Prague. It’s not just that there’s a big concert in Prague. The express met him when he was leaving the hotel in a luxury car for a sound check so that everything would be ready for the evening. After Ivanka Trumpov (40) lived in a luxury hotel, the celebrity gave.

Spvk Sting he is a professional in every inch. Instead of picking up his vocals at the hotel, he’s going to have a big concert at the O2 Arena tomorrow, so he went to a sound check. It is known about him that he doesn’t leave anything to chance and that the team is ahead of the game, not ahead of the fans.

When he left the Mandarin Hotel, he also lived there Ivanka Trumpwho today receives a medal from the hands of President Milo Zeman, was in a good mood.

He sat in a black limousine with dark windows, looked at the phone and smiled for a moment. It was obvious, we can’t get enough, and step in front of the listeners. This is not his first performance in Prague and he has already experienced that people love him here.

Sting drove to the sound check.

The author of the hits Desert Rose and Every Breath You Take opened it up in the biggest Czech hall this evening. Even a dog of his age can start it like a youngster.

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