Zorka Hejdov received a gift from her for her wig. You’re like a schoolgirl with a rkoska, tell me

The presenter of the Love Island reality show Zorka Hejdov (32) is a lover of fashion and style. In addition to being so experimental, which the sensual blonde hasn’t used much yet, she keeps to the guidelines of what she knows and what she knows. When he chooses his comfort zone, it’s a surprise for the fans. Hejdov appeared in a short wig, but according to many outsiders, she acted as a singing teacher. What do you think?

Zorka Hejdov in the reality show Love Island pedvd one breathtaking styling after another. Here the hair is long and down to the ass, other times it appears in a very sexy rb. Don’t be afraid to experiment with make-up or accessories, which is every woman’s dream.

But there is one thing that the audience cannot and will not forgive, and that is the wig. Instead of curled hair, the presenter had a part of the wall mikdo in the color of her hair put on her head. But not everyone liked this change from the outside.

While the female fans were cheering, the audience grumbled a bit. According to them, Zorka could appear in the Fifty Shades of Grey, because she looks like a school teacher with short hair.

Others wouldn’t recognize her with the new ace, and they would think of her alter ego as both Rebekah and Xena.

Zorka Hejdov pr attack with a wig psn.

But this is not the first time that Zorka has appeared with a wig on her head. During her pregnancy, she wore a long wig with bangs in the photo shoot, in which Nicole Kidman seemed to fall out of the eye. Back then, people praised her for her change, but there were also harsh comments about how she looked fifteen years older.

Only with his extravagant transformations did Zorka escape from the category of a very serious moderator and reach the category of Princess Dobna.

As she herself stated on stage, she did not gain anything from the hate comments and she cannot be proud of her new image.

Zorka Hejdov has no problem with nudity and will not hide from criticism.

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