Žilková took advantage of Kordula: On the day of the trial, she staged an undignified drama with Stropnický

“I’m going to court, I’m going to judge someone to whom I gave birth to two children. Weird feeling,” the actress confided on Instagram and supplemented everything with a suitably sad moment from the car.

Already at this point, the first part of her disguised tragedy took place, from which she is supposed to emerge as a poor woman tossed by fate, who succumbed to the dream of love and a happy marriage. She offered the world a wistful story about the man she was divorcing, who had shamefully failed her and left her penniless, despite not giving a damn about their minor child.

The statement would carry weight if she spent forty years by his side one men, who would find a younger man at a mature age and leave her alone. But nothing like that happened. According to the available information, she had more than one partner and husband, so this grudge is “somewhat” losing its value and strength.

“It’s about who will finance our daughter’s future work and participate in the financing of her horse. After the injury of the previous horse, which we bought half, I had to buy a new one, Mr. Stropnický did not contribute anything to it, and I had to borrow to buy it.” she missed you Veronika Žilkova the editor of Showtime on the next day of the trial with Martin Stropnický.

He himself refused to comment on the course of the next trial. “I didn’t come here to explain anything to the media,” he said in a very measured tone.

On the other hand, his wife was still properly warming up under the boiler in such a way that a person would be hot even in an asbestos suit.

“There will be no property settlement between us because we have a prenuptial agreement. This means that Mr. Stropnický will take away all the millions he earned as a minister and then ambassador, and I, who gave up playing for him, will keep my old-age pension.” lamented the actress.

Unfortunately, she blamed herself for not saving for retirement all her life, she didn’t even make savings, and she apparently just relied on one of her husbands or partners to simply provide and support her. While she will have funds earned in serials, theater and movies as “nice” pocket money.

Or she has or had funds set aside, for example a property in Prague’s Suchodol, but she passed them on to her children. In that case, he is now crying on the wrong grave. And what is playing out in the media may very soon backfire on her in the future. And playing a mother of multiples tormented by fate, who fortunately found the warm arms of the aging rocker Josef Holomač, certainly won’t save it.

Veronika Žilkova

“Mr. Stropnický knows where we live, where he goes to school or horse riding. He hadn’t seen her in eight months.” added Žilková in conclusion to the address of her daughter Kordula’s father, into whom she dug indiscriminately again.

So that she wouldn’t be sorry for this charade. If nothing else, he is at least a great deterrent example for everyone, not just the famous, that this is not really how things should be done in a divorce…

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