Zhada Jiho Ovka: Appeared with mue, criticizes LGBT. Te pesikoila spark with a woman

It’s not just any celebrity that has shackled the president, say Ji Ovek, with a secret marriage to a Ukrainian refugee. And it’s clear to me, it may be a public secret for years, that I have a fondness for sleep, which was reinforced by old photos from the promenade in Karlovy Vary. The truth is, however, that he never came out, so he more than once supported the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, in his fight against LGBT ideology. reported on Jiho Ovek’s secret wedding. The bride was a banker from Ukraine, who fled the wolf with her preschool-age son, and at the request of President Milo Zeman, he accommodated her in a rented apartment.

At first, the wheel was full of speculation, because they are firmly convinced that Ovek wanted to raise his credit before the end of his tenure in the presidential office, and that she did not enter into a relationship in order to have certain advantages during her stay in the Czech Republic.

According to Blesku’s source, however, things are different and the feelings between Jim Ovek and his unknown bride are real.

Even under the influence of his deep thoughts, he decided to help someone, so he rented an apartment on Jae, where he wanted to accommodate the children. Well, his host and his son also went to that apartment. He originally went there to help, but gradually the spark went off and he stayed there, the source said.

And so far, everyone blames Ji Ovek for seeking male company. You were led to this by information about a long-term relationship with a colleague from the newspaper portal, the other photographers of Expres met them together in 2016 during a walk on the colonnade in Vary. The truth is that the photos seemed more intimate at first glance, but it was not the case, the couple were not holding hands.

Ji Ovek in Vary

In 2018, Szko’s office even offered odds on the president’s coming out speech and a public acceptance of homosexuality. But that never happened.

Instead, Ovek often criticized the LGBT ideology on Twitter, which, according to him, dictates what people are allowed to do and what humanity does not. He also supported the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán several times and let it be heard that his family was his wife.

Although this is not a conclusive indicator, LGBT ideology and its frequent and fanatical enforcement are condemned by many gays. In connection with the most recent day, however, it appears that the public has quite possibly confused the orientation of the presidential speeches.

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