Zeman had Trump’s weakness. He slandered Donalda, even bit the ambassador!

The list of honored personalities of the presidential office is a secret until the last minute, but in a few days it is clear that Ivanka Trumpov will take the award to the Castle for her late mother. Milo Zeman also had a lot of sympathy for the ex-husband of the American ex-president Donald Trump. He even lobbied for her to become the American ambassador in Estonia and invited her to Prask Castle.

It is not fully known how and when Milo Zeman and Ivana Trump first met, but the president was very fond of the Czech native and some talented doctor.

After the recent elections, when Donald Trump was not the nominal president at all, the president called him. Sm then revealed that he had pleaded with him for Ivana to become an ambassador.

Milo Zeman welcomed Ivana Trumpová in his office at the Castle.

I told Mr. Trump that I would greatly appreciate it at his own expense if Mr. Ivana Trumpov became ambassador. I said that according to his own version she is his most favorite exwife, so we’ll see if that happens or not. Zeman then stated.

He revealed that he had previously talked to Ivana herself on the phone.

As we know, Trump did not become an ambassador in the Czech Republic, although she longed for a diplomatic post. Pesto returned to her native country in 2017 as a representative of the United States.

But Ivana Trumpov was the star of the show.

In Czech, Aunt Ivana wanted to receive the award-winning Ambassador of the Czech Republic, awarded by the CZECH TOP 100 Society, directly to the Castle. At that time, she was the main star of the ceremonial act, she appeared in flowery dresses with distinction.

A lot of attention was paid to Ivana during the entire time she spent in Esk. Sm Milo Zeman invited her to a meeting in his castle office, where they had a friendly chat.

Ivana Trumpov, Osmany Laffita

In addition, she met her good friend Karel Gott in the Common House.

Karel Gott and Ivana Trumpov.

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