Zdeka ern alias Vmolova Lulu: I’m Lenka Mensy, Lela, that nose is falling apart

About two years ago Zdeka Lulu ern declared MMA champion Karlos Vmola as her lover. She posted proof on her Instagram profile in the form of a photo from the bathroom in Vmoland.

Zdeka ern alias Lulu in the bathroom of Karlos Vmola and Lela Ceterov

Not long ago, Lulu got married again, when she started making proposals through social media to media magnate Jaromr Soukup, who has a child with model Agta Hanychová. A fitness trainer and model on the platform OnlyFans, who regularly commutes between Czech Republic and Germany, has now provided the editors of Expres with a big probe into her soul.

In the last and most recent interview, she talked about adolescence and the first plastic surgeries. Lulu, for example, told him that before graduation she was assigned an IQ of 140 and thus got into the Mensa association, which gathers people with above-average intelligence.

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