Yulia Kovalchuk admitted that she does not know how to be lazy

Popular Russian singer and former member of the group “Brilliant” Yulia Kovalchuk told how much she values ​​her time.

According to her, the constant feeling that you do not have time to do something does not allow you to sit still. Even when a small window appears in the middle of the day, the artist becomes uncomfortable: it seems to her that she is wasting time.

“Probably, you still need to give yourself a moment of laziness to reboot. But being lazy can also be useful, watching some educational, relaxing film, or listening to music, meditate, ” Yulia Kovalchuk said in an interview with Elena Sever.

In addition, the singer added that a lot depends on the weather. If the sun is out, then you don’t want to miss this day at all. Where do forces and energy come from?

“Of course, those people who have the opportunity to live in regions where there is a lot of sun are happy. And it seems to me that this affects their mood and efficiency, ” summed up Yulia Kovalchuk.

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