Yana Poplavskaya admitted why she never spoke badly about Sobchak

Yana Poplavskaya told her Telegram subscribers a story that is connected with Ksenia Sobchak and explains the attitude of the TV presenter towards the disgraced journalist.

According to Yana Poplavskaya, in 2007 she turned to Ksenia Sobchak about children from the transplantation department of the RCCH. Children dreamed of meeting the stars during the New Year holidays – some with Dima Beeline, some with someone else from the “celebrity”.

“The seriously ill girl Avital really asked for a meeting with Ksyusha Sobchak, Director Bilan immediately refused, other stars could not or were sick. Only Sobchak agreed to come. I asked very much, being afraid that Avital would not wait for the transplantation. Winter, 20-degree frost. And for some reason, Sobchak’s car was refused to be allowed into the territory. Either they forgot to write out a pass, or there was a mistake in the room … To my surprise, Ksenia did not make a fuss, did not even “hiss” a swear word to the guards, she got out of the car and walked through the January frost, through the snow, in jeans and a T-shirt with full gift bags. And to go to the building is to go through the entire vast territory of the hospital. Without asking for hot tea, she immediately went to Avital and other children. They were happy! And the hospital staff couldn’t believe their eyes. Then Xenia’s driver brought the rest of the pile of gifts. Pay attention, there were no TV cameras, no journalists. Everything was not not for the public, but only for children and their mothers.

Ksenia Sobchak, photo VKontakte

And after this meeting, Sobchak took Avital under her wing. By the way, the girl had a kidney transplant and she survived, now she lives in St. Petersburg.
It was a human act that I will remember for the rest of my life. And then I called Xenia, thanked. And she answered – What are you, Yana, these are children!
That is why all these years, remembering this good thing, I never said anything about Sobchak, no matter what situations she got into, ” recalls Yana Poplavskaya.

At the same time, the TV presenter wonders what could happen to Ksenia Sobchak? .. Why even her son, knowing this story, and once working with Sobchak on the set, asked Yana: “Are you sure that you didn’t dream it”?

“Each of us faces a choice which way to go! Black or White!
But I remember that girl walking in a T-shirt and jeans through the snow and the January frost with full bags in her hands to the children who are waiting for her … ”, – summarized Poplavskayaleaving subscribers food for thought about “black and white”.

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