Xholakys was celebrating his birthday. She talked about the state of health and the future at Stch

A few days ago, Holkov broke up with her fans on Twitter and Instagram. She said she had symptoms of a brain tumor and was in the hospital. She added, however, that if it is in a shoe, then it will be a hundred drills. Some fans didn’t like her illness and claimed that she had cheated several times and that’s why they wouldn’t be surprised if the situation happened again. Now she drank with more information.

Last January, Monday, Xholakys celebrated her 42nd birthday and posted several Instagram stories to celebrate it. As you might have guessed, things are not the best with me at the moment. I don’t know how much time I have left, but maybe it will be in the pod and I will only have a small bed and something similar, she shared.

She added that the day before his birthday she had a cold that wasn’t nice at all. According to them, she is constantly under the supervision of the girl and does not write even to her closest friends. The public exit is in a state of emergency. The only contact with fans at the moment can only be on OnlyFans. The platform helped her to react and prepared the biggest discount for subscribers here.

By November I should know how it will be. Until then, I apologize, but I don’t want to go public. The rest would make me suffer. I’d like to give you a hug at first, because there are also those who think I’m just a bitch and that’s why you shouldn’t talk to him. In life, I would never make fun of mental and physical health, she let herself be heard.

That’s how she went to Clash of the Stars. At Clash, I also got a kick out of it at first. I’m very sorry that I couldn’t start, but if it turns out that I only have epilepsy and some kind of hypothyroidism, I intend to start in the fifth, she wrote on Instagram, where she plans to be active again from the following day.

On the last weekend of January, Holkov was supposed to take part in the Clash of the Stars series and compete with her playmate Klra Havlková. But at the last moment, due to her health condition, she withdrew and was replaced by influencer Angeli Mangombe, who lost weight in the fight.

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