Xholakys had a brain tumor, then she didn’t have it again. Win millions of msn

Valerie Holkov aka Xholakys confessed in Kid Ajvna’s podcast that he made money from OnlyFans and those millions of crowns. She published a sex tape of you on the platform with the crazy streamer Opate. As soon as a man pays ten dollars, Xholakys evaluates his genitalia.

The 24-year-old Holkov caused a great drama in the middle of January and November. She withdrew from Clash of the Stars, she announced a brain injury, she was high on Xanaxshe got drunk to then share with the fans, e I don’t know my own day. All the time, she invited people to remove his profile on OnlyFans, which she did not forget to mention in the A-Cast & Kid Ajvn podcast.

Ivan Kloc aka Kid Ajvn invited Xholakys to his podcast in the spring of jna, took out the bag and at the beginning of November. The influencer revealed that she has 5 thousand followers on OnlyFans, mostly from Czech Republic and Slovakia. Just for the collection alone, the meat earned over a million crowns.

Most of them come from special packages, for which fans have to pay extra. Every month, it amounts to around 1 million crowns. Manage finances and family.

The star of the platform for adults revealed what is the essence of the content added to OnlyFans. Anyone who removes it has access to erotic photos. Those who pay more will also get exclusive packages. The young influencer doesn’t even hide the fact that she will offer a rated genitalia for ten dollars.

Kadmu, who looked at me on OnlyFans, the menu looks like it’s from a restaurant. The most popular one is rated Ndobka. With this, I am so elaborate that every time I write a file, I comment on the length, the appearance and all the details, Holkov described.

Then, on the dining page, I first vote for Mr., a photo in a wet T-shirt, a sex tape on the beach, a video where they eat tanning food, or other nonsense from wellness, she added. Streamer Opat04, with whom Holkov dated, is familiar with the location of the video on the platform and does not mind. In addition, I send him a commission every month from the video.

In the podcast, the young influencer talked about what led her to take erotic photos. She confessed that at the age of fifteen she received an invitation to a modeling casting, where she was sexually abused. The school was documented and the video was released to the world. Xholakys ppad eila with the shelf, but according to them, the surveyor swept it under the carpet.

I’ve always had a strong personality, and if the pornography came to the surface, I wouldn’t read it. That’s why I started taking half-naked photos, to prepare people for the fact that it should accidentally come to light, Holkov commented on the whole situation. She received a lot of support from her fans after she was raped.

So it was very strong. Great podcast. Much respect to Xholakys for persevering, zn one of the comments.

The influencer quickly recovered from the whole incident and had no problem talking about it. Even so, she was deeply affected by the sexual assault, and she thinks that what happened to her at the age of fifteen is one of the causes of her psychological problems.

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