Xholakys attempted suicide. She swallowed thirty Xanax and washed it down with vodka

Valeria Holáková alias Xholakys is the most successful Czech creator on OnlyFans. On the networks, they do not hide their bad psyche, which was also manifested on her twenty-fourth birthday. She celebrated them by swallowing fifty xanax, which she washed down with vodka, this was a suicide attempt that she did not forget to document on the networks. Her mother intervened in everything and deleted stories from Instagram.

A few days ago, Holáková announced her departure from social networks, that’s because he allegedly has a brain tumor. She returned on her birthday to thank people for their birthday wishes. At the same time, she confided that it is still not certain whether it is a tumor or just some deposit. He’s supposed to find out in November, and until then he doesn’t want to appear on any networks other than OnlyFans.

Her one-day return to Instagram did not go as expected. After resharing the birthday wishes, she added a video that upset many of her fans.

“I had thirty xans and drank vodka on my ex without a drink,” sounds from the mouth of the muffled and drugged Holák. The video lasted less than an hour on Instagram before her mother deleted it and confiscated her cell phone.

A few hours later, she added another story.

“I’m sorry to everyone, I ate fifty xans and put vodka on my ex. Unfortunately, my attempt to not live again failed. Mom confiscated my phone and deleted stories. Take care, I love you. Don’t do stupid things. Thank you,” she said.

Valérie Holáková alias XHolakys

She also added that she has a very high tolerance and 50 xanax is still fine for her, so she had to wash it down with vodka. However, it is not clear if this is true. Such a dose of Xanax combined with alcohol would be fatal for most people.

Valerie Holáková receives a lot of criticism after announcing her illnesses on the networks, which has a great impact on her mental health. People think she is lying about the alleged brain tumor because she has already made up a lot of things.

“A person who goes to psychiatry several times a year, claims that he was born in the wrong body, and that he doesn’t feel like a woman, will make a career at OF. Then she claims she didn’t take drugs, that she was pregnant, she wasn’t, she’ll tell us that she wouldn’t joke about physical health,” reads the comment on Twitter, which is certainly not the only one.

Valérie Holáková alias XHolakys

The influencer has already admitted her addiction to Xanax and other addictive substances in the past. She had medication prescribed by her doctor for her anxiety and depression, but she was abusing it and taking much more than prescribed. She also stayed in a psychiatric hospital several times.

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