Writer Yulia Shilova: I earned my first money by carrying pots and buckets

Yulia Shilova, a popular author of detective novels, has already released more than a hundred books in her 23 years of work in this genre. Today she is a successful, financially successful woman, but she earned her first money … in kindergarten.

– I was 14 years old when during the summer holidays I went to work as a nanny in a kindergarten in my hometown of Artyom, Primorsky Krai. Of course, due to my age, I was placed there unofficially, – Yulia Shilova says I washed the windows, cleaned up after the children, took out the pots, carried huge buckets of food. It was hard, but I wanted to give my mother a present, and I myself dreamed of having my own money. By the way, in parallel, I also worked as a postman, got up at six in the morning and delivered mail. Then – in kindergarten. Often I was late there, for which I received a scolding. As a result, I earned about 70 rubles in a month. That was big money for me! I used them to buy my mother a beautiful raincoat. Our family lived modestly, we wanted to help our parents.

In Moscow, when I entered universities, in order to survive, I boiled jeans in a bucket of bleach at night, made “varenki”, and during the day I sold them on the Riga market as a “company”. But she made good money doing it. She was even a barker in “thimble”. Worked in a modeling agency. How could I earn a living to survive. I rented a room in a communal apartment with a friend.

Julia Shilova, photo VKontakte

When I started writing, publishers deceived me a lot. My first book came out in 1999. Then I was given only an advance, which I did not even have enough to change the tires on the wheels of my car. For the first twelve books, I received literally pennies, and the contract was barbaric – to publish one book a month. I remember that I even looked for a part-time job in the newspaper ads. But I realized that I just can’t keep up. Then there was the euphoria that I became a writer, but financially it was a complete disaster. Before that, I was seriously involved in the pharmaceutical business, something of it was left, and I lived on it.

Julia Shilova, photo VKontakte

Today, of course, I already receive good royalties for books, I can afford a lot. At one time I dreamed of buying myself a small boat. But then I found out that this requires special rights. Therefore, it didn’t work out. And now there is only one dream – to see as many countries as possible. I love to travel and spend my money on it.

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