Writer Lena Lenina overturned in her car

The businesswoman was driving her Mercedes on one of the seaside roads when the incident occurred. Singer Prokhor Chaliapin reported about the accident on his social networks.

According to him, for a few seconds before the accident, Lenin was blinded by the sun’s rays. She did not fit into the serpentine turn, and the car turned over. But Lena did not suffer much, everything was only bruises and scratches, the artist specified. She managed to get out of the damaged car on her own.

In addition to Lenina, her dog was also inside, which the writer managed to save. At the time of the accident, the animal lost consciousness, but, fortunately, everything worked out.

Lena Lenina, photo VKontakte

Chaliapin noticed that the Mercedes could not be restored, the car received too serious damage. He also added that he has known Lenina for a very long time – she is an experienced driver and under no circumstances gets behind the wheel in an inadequate state.

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