Writer Andrei Usachev walked around Moscow in the company of his literary heroes

Children’s bestseller author about the village of Dedmorozovka, he took with him on a tour of the capital the faithful assistants of Santa Claus – the snowmen Varezhkin and Kosichkin.

Favorite fairy-tale characters will appear in the New Year’s show “The School of Snowmen”, which will take place during the winter holidays in the new concert hall “Moscow” of the amusement park “Island of Dreams”. And already now the main assistants of Santa Claus – the snowmen Varezhkin and Kosichkina – can be found in the most iconic places in Moscow.

Author of the photo: Anastasia Belskaya

So, Andrei Usachev showed the snowmen the capital of Russia from a bird’s eye view. Taking a ride on the Ferris wheel “The Sun of Moscow”, a popular children’s writer told the Snowmen about the capital and its sights. He showed the Ostankino Tower, the Cosmonautics Monument, and the Island of Dreams park, where the New Year’s show School of Snowmen will begin on December 24.

Like all kids, the students of the “School of Snowmen” were delighted with such a “transcendental” excursion. Although at first they were afraid of such a height.

Author of the photo: Anastasia Belskaya

“I have never climbed so high before,” Varezhkin admitted.

– Well, how is it? You are made of snow, and snow is made of snowflakes, and snowflakes fell from the sky – look how high the sky is, Kosichkina explained.

Dad – this is how the snowmen kindly address their creator, the author of fairy tales about Dedmorozovka Andrei Usachev.

What a beautiful city Moscow is! Varezkin exclaimed.

– Only the most important thing is missing here – snow! Not a single snowflake! Kosichkina noted.

“And this question is for Grandfather Frost,” Andrey Usachev intervened. – Snow will definitely fall in Moscow, and it will become even more beautiful!

Author of the photo: Anastasia Belskaya

The New Year’s show “School of Snowmen” about the amazing inhabitants of the village of Dedmorozovka will be presented by the children’s writer Andrei Usachev and the famous composer Maxim Dunayevsky. For the first time, your favorite literary heroes will come to life in a musical show, which will be shown from December 24 to January 7 in the new Moscow concert hall of the Dream Island amusement park.

Author of the photo: Anastasia Belskaya

During the winter holidays, children and their parents, along with the heroes of fairy tales “School of Snowmen”, will go on exciting adventures. In the fairy-tale world, which was invented by the children’s writer Andrey Usachev, the heroes of a fantastic journey have to overcome a variety of obstacles, defeat evil and fulfill their cherished dreams. Together with the audience, the restless assistants of Santa Claus – the snowmen Varezhkin, Morkovkin and Kosichkina will have to fight the Snow Queen and the Ice King, visit the North Pole and Antarctica, fight huge trolls, save monkeys freezing in Africa, and the whole planet from global cooling. .

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