Wives of billionaire Faita: In addition to Partyšová, he pampers a beautiful and successful daughter. But what about the wife?

Partyšová’s relationship with Igor Fait broke by accident. Expres photographers encountered the presenter at the Ruzyne airport when she was boarding a private jet bound for Morocco.

It was immediately clear that she had caught a high score. And a few days later, the server reported that it was Brno billionaire Igor Fait.

In this year’s ranking of the richest Czechs by Forbes magazine, he was ranked ninety-first. He also has an investment company.

Fans of Gábina Partyšová understandably are primarily interested in insight into his privacy.

Igor Fait lived with his wife Monika for many years. The circumstances of the breakup of their marriage are not clear, however, the businessman last appeared on his wife’s Instagram in 2015 during a skiing trip in Courchevel, France.

Elisabeta Faitová

The fruit of their love is their daughter Elisabeta. A charming blonde whose parents can be justifiably proud for several reasons. This March, she successfully passed the exams at Masaryk University and became a lawyer. In addition, she also runs a business and is also a successful jet surfer.

Her parents appreciated her achievements, for example, when she celebrated her eighteenth birthday. That’s when she got a luxurious apartment from them in Brno’s AZ Tower, the highest skyscraper in the Czech Republic.

Elisabeta Faitová is a beautiful young lady.

“I had permission from them to move here after graduation, but in total I slept here about twice. I rather liked the business plan,” Elisabeta Faitová told four years ago, adding that she started renting out the apartment. First, long-term, but then she reconsidered her plans.

“After that, I thought that it’s a shame if people don’t have the chance to see Brno from the AZ Tower, so I decided to make it available to everyone for a short time – for a romantic night, a video shoot, a photo shoot or a party.” she specified.

Elisabeta with her father at Pleso as Brno, which the businessman organizes every year in his gallery.

Elisabeta, who is also successful on social networks and has a lot of followers, also likes to travel. Whether with mom or dad and brothers on vacation, or maybe with friends on an African adventure like this January.

Will she fall in love with the successful presenter, whom she could have met even at her father’s Ball in Brno?

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