“Will your wife not let you in?”: it became known why Shaman did not go with a propaganda team of artists to Donbass

In an interview with Margarita Simonyan, Vladimir Kiselev, the producer and founder of the Zemlyane rock group, spoke about the reasons for the musician’s refusal to perform on the territory of the North-Eastern Military District.

In the show Margarita Simonyan “Ch. Etc.” Vladimir Kiselev expressed his opinion about the young singer Yaroslav Dronov, better known as SHAMAN. According to the founder of Zemlyan, the Russian media group, which, as you know, initiated the trips of our artists to the war zone – Agitation teams of artists, they offered SHAMAN many times to join this humanitarian and cultural mission. However, they were refused.

Margarita Simonyan and Vladimir Kiselev

“Under any pretext, including the idiotic “wife didn’t let go”, he didn’t go with us” said Vladimir Kiselev. Noticing that when the artists of the Agitation Brigade performed in the Donbass, SHAMAN participated in a concert on Poklonnaya Hill.

The singer himself has not yet commented on the challenge of Vladimir Kiselev.

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