Why do Russians continue to bring subpoenas?. “Paper”

State Duma Deputy, head of the Duma Defense Committee Andrey Kartapolov commented information that Russians, including those not subject to military service, continue to receive subpoenas.

Kartapolov, in a conversation with RBC, assures that after the end of the mobilization, summons are sent to the Russians for “clarification of data” in the military registration and enlistment offices. According to Kartapolov, after updating the database of recipients of the summons, they will be allowed to go home.

“And inflate everything [сведения о выдаче повесток после 28 октября] again, our ill-wishers and opponents who are trying to declare that the mobilization continues. Mobilization completed! Kartapolov concluded.

What is happening now. As of November 7, Paper did not find any reports of the wholesale issuance of subpoenas. At the same time, about such cases, Petersburgers told “Paper” in late October and early November – after the statements of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu about the “completion” of mobilization. The day after the publication of Fontanka and “Paper”which noted the absence of official statements from the authorities of St. Petersburg, about the “cessation” of mobilization in the city announced Governor Alexander Beglov.

Messages about isolated cases of receiving subpoenas in early November can be found on social networks, but, as a rule, these messages are unverified. In addition, now the military registration and enlistment offices are busy with the autumn conscription, which began on November 1, which may be related to the visits of the military registration and enlistment office staff, which St. Petersburg residents talk about in social networks and telegram channels.

However, legally the risk of renewed mobilization preserved: Putin’s decree on mobilization is still in effect, and in the Kremlin consideredthat a new termination decree is not required, leaving room for abuse.

By data “Layouts”, “the second wave” of mobilization is possible after the autumn call (that is, after December 31). On the possibility of a “second wave” of mobilization in winter wrote and Meduza, citing sources close to the Kremlin.

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