Why and who needs to hide Tatyana Doronina?

Notorious in recent years, the Gorky Moscow Art Theater has become famous again. Now the theater is undergoing renovations, but behind-the-scenes intrigues continue.

For example, the emblem of the Moscow Art Theater unexpectedly disappeared – a seagull, which was modified into a yellow triangle. Moreover, as the theater workers say, this was done without the consent of the President of the Moscow Art Theater Tatyana Doronina. Recently, Tatyana Vasilyevna lived in a sanatorium in Barvikha, which she paid for herself. They say that a day of living there costs thirty thousand rubles. But now she suddenly disappeared. On the rights of anonymity, one of the theater employees shared with us:

– I was told that our new director of the Moscow Art Theater, Kekhman, convinced Tatyana Vasilievna that her city apartment was being renovated, it was not yet possible to move there, so they offered her new living conditions – another boarding house. In fact, it turned out to be a municipal nursing home. Yes, free. But Doronina has the means to support herself at home or in a boarding house, hire a nurse and the necessary medical care. Why and who needs to hide Tatyana Vasilievna?! I do not understand.

Perhaps this is done in order to completely control Doronina, who should not learn about new trends in the theater. Change of the same emblem, and maybe soon the theater will completely change its name. At least, on the posters and on the website of the theater, the Moscow Art Theater is mentioned quite neutrally, and in the first place it says: “art-theatre”.

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