Who is Ovkova’s fejkov bride? Bujn, a pyramid-loving lady who wanted to go to the Castle

In connection with the secret wedding Jiho Ovka, who was supposed to marry a refugee from Ukraine, immediately after Denk Blesk first published it, a whole lot of speculation and insider information sprang up. As if there weren’t enough rumors about the castle’s speech taking precedence over the mother’s, so it must have been necessary to lose a certain amount of reason or some kind of vision, if not outright sight.

Photos of Ji Ovek next to a woman even appeared on the Facebook page Unofficial: Sprva Praskho hrad, surrounded by a pedestal with the caption First photo of the bride. On one of them, the castle’s speaker and his wife-to-be are admiring a feather in the shape of a pyramid, on another, the woman is dancing on the dance floor and dare not stand next to him to smile.

All those who took it as a fact and looked forward to whoever invents a spicy comment about Ovko’s address, alleging his sexual orientation and age, must now be quite disappointed.

However, the fake bride turned out to be Terezie Holovsk, who was often heard about in 2017 in connection with the fact that she was running for president. At the time, according to Lidovch noviny, it was declared as a personal name, for example, by Pirt Ivan Barto. The president of Pirtsk frequently visited the Mlsn tygice cultural club, which she ran. Bartoe also captures several videos in his company. For a while, he talked about her as a possible future president, but later diplomatically backed away from her support.

feathers in the sign of the pyramid of Lucie Trupov. They were also loved by Ji Ovek and his friend Terezie Holovsk, who ran the Mlsn tygice club.

At that time, Holovsk was proud to boast of such good relations with the former president. She even gave Livia Klausov a rather extravagant wedding dress for Christmas. She brought a Moroccan thorn loaded with semi-precious stones to a charity event at the Hilton Hotel in Prague.

this woman born under the sign of the Tiger, who loves esoteric things, is obviously very popular. She also admired one of those in the shape of a pyramid with Ovke.

If you want to get a similar one, take note that they are sold out! From this moment on, we are not accepting orders for the production of feathers that you want to make before Christmas. For mm orders for a minimum of 1 million, put the month and pl. If you don’t mind reading below, I’ll add you to the agenda. At Orgonit, we are taking orders, there are plenty of forms. Thank you very much for your understanding, The author of pyramids and other perks, Lucie Trupov, apologized in mid-June.

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