Where in St. Petersburg the rights of conscripts were not respected. “Paper”

“Paper” counted at least 51 violations in St. Petersburg between September 21 and October 28. Non-compliance with the rules of mobilization was recorded every weekday. The anti-record was on October 7 – on this day five violations became known.

Most often in St. Petersburg they violated the procedure for issuing a summons. According to the law, the summons to the person to be mobilized must be issued at the place of registration in hand and signed. However, military registration and enlistment offices at least 18 times carried out the procedure differently: in particular, they handed summons to queues to obtain a passport, admission at the doctor’s office and departments traffic police.

In addition, St. Petersburg policemen and employees of the military commissariats at least seven times staged “raids” on the mobilized – they were waiting for the townspeople in ceremonialy elevatorson the output from home, as well as alcohol market.

Petersburgers who were not subject to conscription received summons at least 15 times. For example, military registration and enlistment offices tried to call fathers of many children, citizens other states, people chronic diseases and disability.

It is known about five violations during mobilization – cases when the authorities did not respect the rights of Russians already called up. Some Petersburgers sent to the front five days after training in a military unit. Also dozens of conscript families have not received their timely payments.

The list is closed by unreasonable bans on the departure of non-mobilized Russians from Pulkovo Airport. It is officially confirmed that the St. Petersburg Health Committee recommended doctors working in budgetary organizations should not leave Russia. Similar instructions got and teachers of the Vyborg district. From Pulkovo Airport did not release overseas conscripts and women with medical education.

Most violations – eight known cases – “Paper” recorded in the Frunzensky district of St. Petersburg. At least seven more cases occurred in the Krasnogvardeisky district of the city.

There were at least three round-ups in Frunzensky, although in other districts only one or two cases are known when policemen with subpoenas guarded men. In the Krasnogvardeisky district, at least four times, a summons was handed in not according to the established protocol.

Six more violations “Paper” counted in the Vyborgsky and Kalininsky districts. In the first case, employees of the military commissariats more often handed summonses to the unfit and did not respect the rights of mobilized citizens, in the second, they violated the rules for serving the summons.

Also, five violations were recorded in the Central District, three of them were related to the delivery of informal subpoenas.

Only in three out of 18 districts of St. Petersburg no violations were found during mobilization. These are Vasileostrovsky, Kurortny and Petrodvortsovy districts.

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