Where can I listen to the last album of Boris Moiseev, released after his death

Popular performer Boris Moiseev passed away on September 27. In the past few years, the singer practically did not appear in front of his fans, as he could not finally restore his health after two strokes.

Nevertheless, before his death, Moiseev managed to record his last music album, which was released in early November. The disc includes 13 songs by famous composers, for example, Ilya Reznik, Raymond Pauls, Nikolai Trubach and others, and is called “I Can’t Lose You.”

The release of the album was commented on by the director and good friend of Boris Moiseev Sergey Gorokh. According to him, the collection gives an excellent idea of ​​​​how creative work could develop in the coming years. the life of an artistif it had not been interrupted by another stroke.

“The long-awaited release shows how Moiseev’s work could develop if not for his premature departure. This album is a reminder to us how to appreciate loved ones while they are alive, ”Sergey Gorokh is sure.

Album available on all music platforms: VK Music, Yandex Music, Sber Sound, OK, as well as iTunes and YouTube.

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