What the renovated Levashovo airfield might look like. “Paper”

At the Biennale “Architecture of St. Petersburg” architectural studio Ingmar Architects introduced project of the airport complex at the Levashovo airfield.

Gazprom is re-equipping the airfield of the Ministry of Defense so that it can receive not only military, but also civil aircraft. It is assumed that it will be used for the needs of Gazprom, business aviation of other large Russian companies and for civil aviation.

During the renovation, it is planned to reconstruct more than 2.6 km of the runway and build new facilities to ensure the operation of the airport.

An air terminal complex with a capacity of 250 people per hour (a quarter of Pulkovo’s capacity) will be built at the airport. The architects describe the terminal building as the central “sculptural” composition of the natural park complex. The territory will be “barrier-free” – without steps and curbs.

On the reconstruction of the Levashovo military airfield and the creation of infrastructure for civil aviation of Gazprom and the Ministry of Defense on its territory agreed in October 2021. The runway is expected to be reconstructed by the end of 2022, and the rest of the work is planned to be completed in the summer of 2023.

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