What Lilia achieves is breathtaking: Karel Janeek didn’t marry a wife, but a super wife!

A billion Karel Janeek there is not much to celebrate at the moment, because the proper court counted only 433 signatures, which it did not recognize during the presidential election. The required 50,000 signatures were not even received. According to the original court, there were many defective dates on his sheet.

The failure in Mr. Candidate’s petition was not a failure in the work of the Ministry of the Interior, literally said the chairman of the election committee.

If you can’t run for president, you don’t have to despair. His signatures are wrong, but I can brag about the fact that I have a superhero at home. From what his mistress Lily he manages everything, a normal mortal’s head would spin!

A trip to Bhten, a rally around Prague, a book launch, various events, courses and happenings, as well as selected social events such as Miss Essens or a celebratory vee with Simona Krainová and Karl Vgner. We must not forget the wedding for heroines presented by the Heroine magazine, where the Canadian ambassador Her Excellency Ayesha Rekhiov was also present, or the recent UNICEF event.

We mustn’t forget about his merch and the fact that he is an active part of the organization.

This is just one part of Mr. Janekov’s busy schedule, which in a week or two can accomplish what many people need for several months or even years.

The pair took bronze.

On top of that, let’s add the fact that she has two children at home, two of them quite small, and last but not least, she is such a loving wife and partner. It is therefore admirable that it can be put together in such a way that it achieves the maximum and at the end of the week it is not squeezed out like that lemon!

On the contrary, you are quite satisfied with all your complications and it doesn’t look like she cares about anything around her.

If you don’t know the superheroine first, then you really won’t accept it. Don’t forget to see Janek. Or feel sorry for him, because you can’t keep up with someone like that…

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