What I’ve been looking for so far would last a lifetime, to Rollins

I know that I can drive a lot of other things, but when the hunter finds himself in the middle, he has a quite natural need to balance, slow down, think and do something that made that moment always unforgettable, she wrote out Dara Rollins on my Instagram.

You have so much behind you that it would last for several lifetimes. What I managed to capture, read, receive and deliver with you is inconvenient, she suddenly dreamed.

And that’s exactly why I want to do something special, unique and unrepeatable with you, literally and figuratively, she told fans.

I want to invite you to my life’s birthday party. Shake once all the memories, revive them and touch the most sensitive places in our heart. From Arabela and Anjelik, Journey to the ruins, And once I’ll be a runaway, Zvonky the dog, What you see is what you get, Na te sa dvam, Party…, she named Dara St. Nejvt Pecky.

Dara Rollins spoke about the important jubilee that December 7 celebrates.

For the concert, I want to map out all the unpleasant years of my career. First of all, I want to have fun and provide you with an unforgettable experience, she added.

Drink with me to celebrate 50 years of my life. To sing together the songs that we grew up on, that shaped our style, atk and es, added the surprise and influencer who celebrated her big day with fans on January 28 at the O2 arena.

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