What is in the head of the scammer, because of which the Petersburger was accused of “fakes”. “Paper”

Sergei Chmykhun

author of the denunciation of Oleg Belousov

— [Донес я на него]because it’s not true. I believe that the video from Bucha is a production, a fake. The “corpses” are moving there, and Oleg says that some water got on the mirror. We were not friends with Oleg, he is not my friend, if he has such a shameful opinion.

When Oleg said for three years that Putin was our enemy and so on, I did nothing. When Oleg was digging mounds and other forbidden things, I didn’t do anything either. Oleg insulted the mothers and relatives of those who participate in the hostilities, discredited the honor of our soldiers. He used deliberately false information that they allegedly steal washing machines and rape women. Do you have confirmation of this?

Yes, I believe in biological weapons and infected mosquitoes, but if you don’t know anything about it, then why should I try to explain something to you – you still won’t understand anything.

Now our troops are performing tasks there, I have a eldest son in the army there. Now every day I provide our soldiers with medical tourniquets and other “good things” – this is my gratuitous help. And how I make money on it, you should not care. If my military specialty is required at the front, then I will go to the front.

And Oleg, among other things, has another article for distributing porn, he had a suspended sentence. He also has a suspended sentence for grand larceny. He also sent out porn videos to everyone. Sometimes he has such a mood – he thumped and began to send out to everyone. I didn’t look, but if the cover shows a woman and she has both boobs and male pussy sticking out, then it’s clear what will be in the video. I never opened these videos, I’m sick of it.

I didn’t face any condemnation. People all support me, everyone is on my side, none of my friends condemned me. But Oleg’s friends are playing dirty tricks on me – they “break” bank cards and social media accounts.

Here you are all fighting for rights and freedoms. And why don’t you fight for Assange’s freedom – he brings the truth to everyone. Why don’t you fight for his rights? Why is Viktor Bout sitting? He was not engaged in “trunks”, he was engaged in transportation. And why does the Olympic Committee forbid our athletes, who are outside of politics, to compete? Why don’t you protect our athletes, why don’t you protect our country?

When Oleg was arrested, he said that he would admit his guilt, and then backtracked. So? They are now trying to file Oleg as if he is against the war and so on. The question is not that he is against the war, but that they are now trying to present him as a defender of peace – he does not care about this world. And he wrote fakes about the war, because he is against our government. He is not against war, he is against power.

Video: “Paper”

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