What do Petersburg bomb shelters look like? “Paper”

Many shelters in St. Petersburg are in a deplorable state: the premises are flooded, they are not equipped in any way, and the walls are covered with peeling paint and traces of mold. MR-7 published photographs of bomb shelters sent to the publication by an anonymous digger, a researcher of abandoned underground structures.

Where can I find the nearest shelter. The official list of addresses of all bomb shelters cannot be found in peacetime, as it is a state secret. The authorities will have to disclose their location in the event of an emergency. MR-7 was told about this in the office of the St. Petersburg Ombudsman Svetlana Agapitova.

The latest data on the number of bomb shelters in St. Petersburg was published more than ten years ago. Then the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation counted 4003 shelters in St. Petersburg with a total area of ​​​​500 thousand square meters, which can accommodate a million people, writes MR7. Now the population of St. Petersburg is over 5 million people.

MR-7 compiled a map of shelters from reports from district administrations and data from the public procurement portal. The complete map can be look on the publication’s website.

What is the condition of the bomb shelters? Digger from St. Petersburg told MR-7 that many bomb shelters under residential buildings have been abandoned since the 1990s and are either not in operation at all or are used as warehouses and shops.

“Most of the shelters for ordinary people are not in the best condition, and in case of danger they will have to hide in the basements, having previously adapted them for this,” the source said.

According to the digger, the bomb shelters under the telephone exchanges were kept in good condition.

What you need to know. At the end of October Smolny defined “safe areas of the city”, where St. Petersburg residents will be evacuated in case of disasters. According to the text of the document, the safe areas of St. Petersburg are Vyborgsky, Kurortny, Krasnoselsky, Kolpinsky, Primorsky, Pushkinsky and Petrodvortsovy.

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