West was harshly condemned for anti-Semitism and his billions were taken from him. He didn’t say the word id to the idiot

It took a long time, he got America to the point where they are ashamed of him and censor him. Kanye West he was paying for a free-spirited personality who could say whatever he wanted because, as is known, he suffers from bipolar disorder. Some considered him a spoiled brat, others considered him a scumbag, a boy trying to gain fame through controversial gestures. This is the end for him, the Americans have decided that they will not bring him to his knees for a long time.

During a recent interview, Kanye said that his friend Joshua Kushner owns a percentage of his wife Kim Kardashian’s company Skims, which produces clothing. Kanye fell for the construction company, but later found out that his friend owned more of the percentage, not Kanye himself.

I think they only focus on money, every year I get poorer, I made a fool out of him, Josh never came up with anything, I had a problem with that, Kanye stated.

The public associated his statement, along with several others, as anti-Semitism, Kushner is also of Jewish origin. The rapper didn’t even say the word id during the entire interview.

From day to day, he sought the status of a dollar billion, because several corporations established cooperation with him based on his age. You won’t be able to collaborate with Adidas, The Gap or Balenciaga. Even his ex-wife Kim Kardashian condemned him for being rude.

Kanye West is clear. Even for life I’m sorry. However, he received criticism and accusations of racism.

Even his age did not improve the situation, in which Kanye tried to justify his views.

I’m not anti-Semitic, there are people among ernochs too. You’re just trying to destroy anyone who has a different point of view than you. then West stated on his social networks, no they blocked him.

According to the American public, West is walking into a trap from which there will be no return. What stood out about him was that he wore a T-shirt with the inscription White Lives Matter, with which he tried to draw attention to the fact that the Black Lives Matter society does not, but rather exacerbates, problems with racism in America. Now a rapper has been accused of racism.

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