We have also listed families! David’s sexy girlfriend Rebeka spoke up, tore apart his defense

how vn is it? Well, I have my credit card and the key to the apartment, kpl David Boská, when the members of the villa confronted him with the link about the fact that he is a fraud and even a dog went to Love Island because the rules forbid a relationship at home.

His future in the competition will be decided, the production has launched a voice box in the application, where viewers can decide whether they want David to continue in the competition, or if they think he should be fired.

And so, even so, David has to put out the fire that engulfed his relationship with Natli Koendová. Although T promised mountains and mines and a future together, he somehow didn’t change his mind about his relationship in Prague. When the shackled missus took him aside and he clicked between her questions for a while, and for a change, full of nervousness and full of amused courage, she shut down and slammed the door in front of him.

In the confession room, she said with tears in her eyes that she thought her relationship with David was dead and that she felt betrayed.

Will the footballer from Moravia get a second chance from the international dream of the model? Tko hon. As his vague and evasive answers at least somewhat indicated, he is at home with the girl who shared a lie with him in the last two months before Love Island, but he does not fully understand.

Koendov would have to fight for his heart. And it wouldn’t be easy for her. David’s birdie, the beautiful brunette Rebeka, called herself a wild woman and she was beaten like a house of cards by his fierce defense of her!

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David, it’s a bit of a mess, so how is it really?

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You can vote on whether I should stay in the villa or leave in the last few moments on the Love Island app ❤️‍

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David destroyed the strength of our relationship, which hurt me a lot. We’ve been dating since May. I knew his family, grandparents, I spent many weekends with them and so did he with my family, including celebrations and other events. Don’t talk about the fact that David moved to Prague because of me, Rebekah described.

David stupidly wrapped up the whole thing in such a way that he moved to Prague and Rebekah helped him with his new life there.

Rebeka is a coke!

Who is this pretty brunette anyway?

Although Rebeka deleted her Instagram, no doubt because her profile was taken over by Love Island fans. The few pictures we found, but it clearly reveals, David was so charmed by me. Rebeka regularly massages herself and the main focus is on her butt, where she has a tattoo of a wild dragon.

David from Love Island was dating beautiful Rebeka in Prague. Miss Natlie Koendov caught his eye just in the villa…

David’s relationship with Natli obviously did not bring her to her knees, on the contrary, she enjoyed her life. On the weekend, for example, she and her friend went to a Halloween party in a jumpsuit for a sexy party.

Rebeka had a Halloween party at the weekend.

According to the girls, the best option would be if she poured water into the villa lovingly by herself like one of the bombshells. David would probably sweat all day. But there is nothing to suggest that Rebeka would lose attention.

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