Vyacheslav Makarov: everything is fine with Avatar, I also talk to an invisible character at home!

We met with the popular TV presenter and showman Vyacheslav Makarov on the eve of his first solo concert in Moscow, which will take place on Halloween, October 30th. And although it is not at all timed for the holiday of dark forces, we talked with Slava about fears – it turned out that on stage the artist is ready for any force majeure, but he is not ready to be the hero of extreme TV shows.

So, Vyacheslav admitted that in the Stars in Africa project he would have taken off first because he does not know how to weave intrigues for the sake of victory and certainly not a fan of extreme sports. But the intrigues of the “Avatar Show” on NTV, where he and the jury members have to literally talk with “empty space” – holographic characters, he masterfully steers.

“It was a little unusual, but then I realized that everything was fine. I also come home and talk to an invisible character: Slava, did you sleep? Let’s go, let’s go!” That’s pretty much how it happens. The main thing is to believe in this cause and, it seems to me, we succeeded, ” Makarov told about his attitude to the process of filming Avatar.

Vyacheslav Makarov

In the show by Stas Yarushin “Muz Loft” Vyacheslav Makarov also improvised. As it turned out, all the songs that sounded from the stage were not homemade.

“The brightest moment is what is born spontaneously. When I came to Stas, I performed only one song that I planned. Everything else went in live improvisation, I was even upset at some point, because I didn’t sing anything I wanted to. But it’s cool – the audience feels how everything is happening, and Stas also “throws firewood into the furnace”, starts up, enters the courage and creates this cool atmosphere of the “engine”, – Slava Makarov commented on his participation in Yarushin’s Muz Loft.

Well, on October 30, Vyaeslav Makarov will make his debut with his solo concert in Moscow. In the VDNH greenhouse, he will perform hits from TV shows, incendiary covers (Meladze, Gubin, Mumiy Troll, Vintage, Imagine Dragons!) and new driving compositions.

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