Volochkov was given “unique legs”

Anastasia Volochkova explained how the members of the jury of the show “Mask.Dancing” figured her out.

The ballerina was dissatisfied with the fact that she quickly left the popular TV project. The jury members of the show “Mask.Dancing” were able to quickly figure out who was hiding behind the image of the Owl. At first, Owl managed to confuse the judges, but later they turned their attention to the legs, namely, how the performer moved. Even then, Svetlakov began to suspect that the man under the mask was a professional dancer.

By the way, in the third issue, none of the jury members had any doubts that Volochkova was hiding under the image of the Owl. After Anastasia was exposed, she performed her signature split.

Photo: STS, Anastasia Volochkova

At the same time, the ballerina decided to explain how the judges were actually able to recognize her.

“I have such unique legs that I was immediately identified by them. I’ll tell you honestly, I stood out with my lines, grace, interesting numbers, I was the decoration of the show, ”Volochkova admitted.

Anastasia Volochkova, photo STS, Mask.Dancing

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