Vladimir Vinokur told how Muslim Magomayev saved him during an earthquake

At the jubilee evening dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Muslim Magomayev, held in the concert hall Crocus City Hall, pop artists and classical music stars recalled the legendary artist.

So, Vladimir Vinokur told how once, after a performance in Baku, he woke up in a hotel room from the fact that his bed “moved off” to the balcony. The artist at first thought that these were the consequences of “evening libations”, but then the phone rang. Muslim Magomayev was on the wire.

“Volodya, what are you doing now? Muslim says. I answer – I’m going to the balcony. He says don’t worry, we’re having a small earthquake. Go to the bathroom, there are reinforced concrete blocks and the least dangerous. I’ll call you back when it’s off. And he called back later: Volodya, hang up! ”, – recalls Vinokur, the incident that saved his life.

Photo: Leonid Alekseev.

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