Vladimir Abzarov, a resident of the Leningrad region, died in Ukraine. “Paper”

A native of the Leningrad region, Vladimir Abzarov, died during the fighting on the territory of Ukraine, reported Press Service of the Governor Alexander Drozdenko.

How and where Abzarov died is not reported. In the social networks of the Kalitkinskaya secondary school, where the young man studied, reportedthat he was a junior sergeant of the guard and died on 18 October.

The authorities did not say whether Abzarov was mobilized or went to Ukraine as a volunteer. Familiar men at the time of publication of the news could not clarify this information. Abzarov published the last photo on his page on October 6, probably from the exercises, two familiar men told Paper.

What is known about Vladimir Abzarov. Vladimir Abzarov was born in the village of Kurkovitsy, graduated from the Kalitka secondary school, said “Paper” his friend Abzarova. According to her, Vladimir grew up without a father. She also said that after school, he went to serve in the Airborne Forces, and after the army, he graduated from St. Petersburg Agrarian University and got a job at Pulkovo Airport.

A former classmate of Abzarov said that they entered the first grade of the Kalitkinskaya secondary school in 2001. In 2022, the deceased turned 28 years old.

A friend describes the deceased as smiling, cheerful, open and kind. One of the teachers of the Kalitkinskaya secondary school in the comments noted him as an artistic child who studied easily and never cried.

A photo: MOU “Kalitinskaya secondary school”

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