Vlad Stashevsky surprised fans with a changed appearance

In the past, fans have often marveled at the singer’s ability to maintain his youthful appearance with little to no change. But recently he appeared in public in a completely different form.

Stashevsky came out with an unexpectedly short hairstyle, gray hair appeared in his beard. After losing weight, the performer’s cheeks visibly sagged, and bruises were visible under his eyes.

Among the fans there were even rumors about his health problems, but the artist hastened to refute them. Vlad said that he was in a great mood, and everything was going very well for him.

Vlad Stashevsky, social network photo

“Work doesn’t get smaller over the years – a week doesn’t go by that I don’t have a performance somewhere – the country is big”, – the singer said.

The ’90s star recently returned to acting and filming after a nearly 20-year hiatus. He continues to appear at concerts, and actively gives interviews to journalists.

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