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Pribytkovo is a village in the Gatchina district of the Leningrad region, which got its name thanks to Viktor Ivanovich Pribytkov. He was a captain of the first rank, although the locals called him “admiral”. In 1895, he bought several land plots here for summer cottages: Pribytkov rented out most of the property, and in 1901 he built his own mansion in the village.

The entrepreneur built his dacha at the junction of neo-Russian and “Norwegian” styles. Later, the mansion changed its owner, and after the revolution the building was nationalized. In different years, a school and a summer cottage of a kindergarten of the Bolshevichka factory worked in the estate. In 1997, the local library moved into the wooden house.

After the library was opened, summer residents began to bring antique items from their houses and plots to the estate – many old summer cottages have been preserved in the village. After that, a small museum of dacha life of the late 19th and early 20th centuries was opened in the building. One of the creators of the exposition, local historian Andrey Burlakov said:Radio Liberty”, that the launch of the museum was necessary, among other things, to protect the historical building.

Andrey Burlakov
local historian (quote from Radio Liberty)

— The dacha causes close observation of the rich people. Therefore, with a museum, we first of all close the path that can lead to disaster. That is, we want to settle in this dacha so that it always has library and museum protection, a center of culture, there are so many readers here, so many people here, people are getting sick, worried, and this dacha should not go into private hands.

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