Viktor Preiss was captured by nonch bs. He is on special therapy to help him

Absolutely nothing helped the donkey. With this message, the seventy-five-year-old actor tried to indicate that his decision to retire from the theater was stung by spit. Growing up after performances that weren’t always to his taste and that he didn’t even expect, Preiss began to listen more closely to his inner voice, which told him that he should quit the theater.

There were titles I was even ashamed of. Acting is a dark job, and you are surrounded by darkness there. It’s like football someone two gly and someone bh the whole second half at the back. You can’t explain to a spectator: “I’m not responsible for that, I’m not responsible for the result, I’m just here to watch, said the actor in Interview T 24, who, two months before the end of his engagement in Vinohrady, claimed that he was leaving to rest, go shopping and focus more on his family and health.

He took the advice of Abrhm

It was first the theater and the stressful environment, which ultimately had an adverse effect on Viktor’s health. In the course of the interview with Svtlana Witovská, Preiss admitted that he did not have time before the wedding.

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Dotte line and to the end

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