Victoria Tarasova: We have been taught to collect potatoes and beets since childhood

The most popular role of actress Victoria Tarasova is the criminal police worker Irina Zimina from the TV series Capercaillie, Pyatnitsky and Karpov. Over the years of this work, her heroine rose from a major to a colonel.

– My first earnings in this life are in no way connected with shoulder straps, – laughs, answering my question, Victoria. – As a schoolgirl, she went to summer labor camps to pick vegetables and fruits. For a bucket of harvested potatoes or beets, they paid around 15-20 kopecks. During the month that the shift lasted, it was possible to earn good money for the child. She gave money to her parents. It is hard to imagine that today’s children would go to a labor camp, you cannot force them to clean the board or the floors at school. And we were taught to work from childhood.

Victoria Tarasova
Photo: Victoria Tarasova and Oleg Peranov personal archive.

I can’t say that I am too economical, sometimes I spend money on things that are not the most important things in life. I remember when in the mid-1990s I was the host of the 6 acres program, various companies invited me to shoot for corporate advertising. Once, a plumbing sales organization paid a lot of money for those times – $ 1,300. I then lived in a communal apartment in a room in which there was one folding bed. And instead of buying a normal bed, I bought a telephone, a Sharp TV (it is still in working order and is in my country house) and a mink coat.

When I am invited to participate in various TV shows, I agree only for money. I do not take these amounts for myself, but I will definitely give them to charity. And, in general, in my work I don’t specifically pursue a large fee. For example, recently, in general, she starred for free with a novice director. I liked the story of my heroine – the mother of a Soviet soldier who dies at the front. If we recall the already cult TV series “Capercaillie”, then I am perhaps the only actress who, when filming new seasons, did not ask herself to increase her fee.

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