Unique and hardworking: fellow artists appreciated Volochkova’s talent on the theater stage

The artist gave a charitable performance for children and parents, including those who came from the regions of the NWO. Anastasia Makeeva, Prokhor Chaliapin and other star colleagues of Anastasia Volochkova came to watch the theatrical production of “Ballerina Through the Looking Glass”.

The performance took place on the stage of the capital’s Izvestia Hall. The hall was full, the audience even sat on side seats. Anastasia Volochkova presented a beautiful and kind fairy tale “Ballerina Through the Looking Glass”, where she herself performed in different genres, showing not only classical ballet, but also bold acrobatic stunts. As Anastasia herself admitted to us, in order to climb to a height without insurance with a twine, she had to rehearse a lot in a real circus – with the Zapashnys and Gia Eradze.

“Nastya is unique, I think even the haters will agree with me on this!”, – Anastasia Makeeva told Russian TV Week. “She’s also a hard worker, that’s a fact. And charismatic. Anyone in the crowd will notice her. Be sure to watch this show. I want people to see in Nastya all aspects of her talent, and not just what is constantly pouring “from glass to glass” in the press.

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