Třeštík snuggles up to Decastelo, Radka steamed in Moon! She was accompanied by an unknown handsome man

On Wednesday evening, a spectacular party was held in Prague’s Moon club in honor of the only Czech Formula 3 driver Vladimír Netušil and his Effective Racing team.

Several familiar faces arrived to celebrate the end of the Euroformula Open season. The biggest commotion was caused by the Vémol couple, who arrived after the official program and the fashion show.

Karlos spent the whole evening talking about water and chatting with his friends, Lela enjoyed champagne and experienced what it’s like to sit in a racing car.

Lela Vémola at an event in Prague’s Moon club

In addition to Karlos and Lela, she also arrived at the event Radka Třeštíková. But she chose the opposite tactic, she came to the company at a time when it was still empty. She was accompanied by a friend.

After a few drinks in the VIP lounge, Radka moved downstairs to the bar, where, in addition to her friend, she was also accompanied by an unknown handsome man in a brown jacket. Their chat over a drink did not escape the photographers of Expres.

Radka Třeštíková in the Prague club Moon

The writer, who arrived at the party in a shiny silver bag, was clearly having a good time. She refused interviews with the journalists present and soon disappeared from the company.

Radka Třeštíková in the Prague club Moon

From Moon to her friend Emma to Roxy?

Judging by her Instagram profile, her “tour de bar” is far from over. Quite possibly, she went to the nearby club Roxy, where her good friend Emma Smetana was enjoying a concert by Albert Černý and his band Lake Malawi.

Radka Třeštíková in the Prague club Moon

It is interesting to see how differently the Třeštík couple react to the collapse of their marriage. While Tomáš is now head over heels in love with the presenter and actress Eva Decastelo, Radka covers social events mostly accompanied by her friends.

She often wears very provocative clothes to parties to show how she is doing after the breakup. An example is the outfit with which the sexy brunette shocked at the Karlovy Vary festival.

Radka at the opening of the Karlovy Vary festival.

Recently, Radka has been linked to the young DJ Jakub Strach, who calls himself Nobody Listen and in the past dated the famous YouTuber Tereza Hodanova alias Teri Blitzen.

Radka did not confirm the relationship with the young musician, but her recent statement to shows that there may have been something between them.

“If you need to connect me with someone, feel free to connect with Jakub. He’s hot as fuck,” she answered us this year in black Třeštíková to the question of how he is with Jakub Strach.

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