To turn mother against daughter? Soukup is a strong personality, but everyone is a soup

Veronika Ilkov she distanced herself from vrok Jaromra Soukup after he came out on his account in one of his interviews on Barrandov TV, when he declared her to be a sloppy lady who ruined Martin Stropnicki’s career.

It was not his political life that ended first, but his private life. A person would not know how a private life can damage the career of an ambitious politician, or rather a divorced ex-wife, stated Soukup to the address of Veronika ilkov.

Ilkov herself recently spoke about Stropnicki at social gatherings, when she expressed her support for presidential candidate Danua Nerudov. This surprised many fans. ilkov recorded a video in which she explained that she does not support the politics of her ex-husband Martin Stropnicki because she would be disgraced, or for ethical reasons.

How can someone who has unsettled family relationships apply? It’s a minus. Stropnick broke some official diplomatic law, said ilkov.

He should resign, he should get divorced, then get married, I might even vote for him. At this point, however, he broke some moral code and decided that he was kept in that post, she added.

Jaromr Soukup listened and did not love his art.

Jaromr Soukup had an Agta Jaromr Soukup session with Agta Hanychová, in which they discussed the latest news on the Czech boulevard. In it, they devoted themselves to you and his mother, and at another time Soukup confessed that he did not get along with Agta’s brother.

He talked about me being bizarre, so I told him, and he jerks his leg, said Soukup about Vincent Navrtil.

Agta Jaromr Soukup’s show ended suddenly, at first it was attributed to the fact that she was a risk-taking model. But Hanychov still announced that she will have her own show at Barrand’s, but without Soukup. The poad is called Holiky.

The whole dispute escalated during the time when Soukup was in the hospital in Motole, where he underwent surgery on his hand with torn ligaments and a fracture.

Veronika Ilkov, who visited Agta in the hospital, posted a photo from the hospital on Instagram.

Agta and Veronika always paid for mother and daughter, who have a very close and friendly relationship. While Agta criticized her mother’s bland man Stropnicky, Veronika spoke unkindly about Jakub Prachao, because of him, her daughter cried a lot during pregnancy, because they argued about what she did not like as a mother.

Agta and I were in the hospital for a long time when she started bleeding during her pregnancy.

Jaromr Soukup is a hunter who will not agree with others just to please them or to preserve family well-being. T wasn’t going to rub honey around anyone’s mouth. Hopefully, his vd personality will not disturb the relationships in the families. During Agta’s reign, no one would want a quiet house. Hanychov is standing before the wheel of hell, when he has to choose the side to which to go.

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