Thotn Perkausov u sth meter: Which of the ladies would be the most suitable for Ebrlem?

Descendants of CNN Prima News whores under tension. They did not reveal who will replace the mother, Eva Perkausová (28), in the chair of Hlavnich’s moderator at first alongside Roman Ebrle (47). Will it be Gabriela Soukalov (33), Markta Fialov (51) and Soa Porupkov (30)? Or TV bet on someone else?

To replace, would only doasn, Eva Perkausová At first glance, it seems like a fairly simple bike, but the opposite is true. TO Roman Ebrlem you can’t just sit someone down!

The decathlon bull needs a paraku next to him, by his side he will be respected for a long time, and he will be sure that when he falls out of the role, she will help save the situation or quickly turn it into a ert, and the spectators are in the final as if in the middle of the breath that in the world, there should be a little fun in the evenings too.

That’s when I fall out Gabriela Soukalov, who is a little uncertain in his actions in front of the camera. But no one can think of that as a bad thing, even after all these years, he is always improving his feet. Just putting two insecurities next to each other doesn’t necessarily turn out the best. On the other hand, at some of the peaks, athletes and even Olympians can pleasantly surprise in tandem!

At the side of the matador’s window Markty Fialov it would certainly work. It’s just a question if the ebrle would not feel too stressed and make too many mistakes, because he could suffer from inertia before the test. Bval hvzda Nova is a dreamer himself, but what about him is that when it comes to a loaf of bread, he knows how to stand up for himself and be very uncompromising.

The mother, Eva Perkausov, is responsible for this, so the question arises as to who will replace her in the primary school.

There is also a relatively new star as a moderator, reports CNN Prima News Soa Porupkov, which viewers know from the show Nov den, where Libor Bouek was the park. Although he is not as well-rounded as Fialov or Soukalov, it does not detract from his professional qualities, and in the final it is not at all a disadvantage.

Regardless of the fact that Perkausov does not fulfill being a mother for those years and wants to move as much as possible, it will be possible.

It’s possible that the descendents of the TV will surprise the girl with another name. We have an attractive one for Roman. You know him. And soon we will see him in our wild CNN Prima News editor Pavel Trunc revealed.

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