Those in-laws won’t be here! The policeman banned piety for a man who covered himself in front of the government

One side sees him as a coward, the other as a hero. Mu, who believed that he had committed suicide in front of the government, was supposed to be a notorious protester and had been coming to the place regularly since the last parliamentary elections. In front of Straka’s Academy, the repulsors of the Ptikolica tried to light the candles for him, only to be told by a plainclothes policeman that he would have the pieta removed within an hour. There must be a forest of candles on Tuesday, people who disagree with the current government should mobilize.

According to the police, a forty-seven-year-old man disguised himself in front of the government. The motive is not yet officially known, but no one doubts that the suicide would have chosen such a place by chance.

As it turns out, it was about an activist who had regularly demonstrated in front of Strakovka every Monday since the Polish elections. The security guard told CNN Prima News that he would answer everything and that he did not drink this evening, although otherwise he walked around the government hall for an hour and a half with a megaphone and a banner.

He committed suicide before his death.

Jet tho veera drank to the place of suicide several political renegades, who can be mistaken for a modern-day Palach. And before Adam, they blew out a few candles. At that moment, however, there was a conflict with a plainclothes policeman with a dog on hand, who is in charge of protecting the building.

Those girls won’t be here in an hour announced the policeman and pointed to the police station on the other side of the sidewalk, saying that they should light them there.

In the video that the author published on social media, there will be a brief exchange of views. In the next few minutes, she wonders why the policeman can’t ban candles, that it’s not before 1989, and from then on she is prepared to go to the place every day and light candles before dawn until November 17.

He committed suicide before his death.

In response to the video, his sympathizers began to mobilize in the discussion. Many of them are ready to drink in front of Strakovka this evening and pray for the man who probably committed suicide in protest against the government.

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