They fell around your neck! Simona Krainov and Dara Rollins say they are best friends again

Dara Rollins and Simona Krainov paid their time for show business sisters, two sisters, friends for life and death, who were looking for each other and found each other. In short, they were the best places. But there was one guy, and their life-and-death friendship fell apart.

Dara and Simona were brought together by their own colleague Sagvan Tofi, with whom they were supposed to date. When they found out, they put all the rivalry behind them and put together a strong stick of stupidity instead. They met in the show Nkdo to rd hork, went on vacation together, often took pictures of each other, and shared apartments next to each other. Dara eventually sold hers first to Simon and Karl Vgner. He should have put an end to the questioning.

Dara Rollins had a problem with Simona’s ex-husband Bok Slezek, who married Simona in 2004.

N relationship is on point here meanwhile in Jasn. Let’s not meet, let’s not have fun… But we don’t have any problems together. Not between them. It somehow made it up, she stated for Expres in 2015 Simona Krainov. Since then, they have been going about their lives, and it was clear that things would never be the same between them.

Good to death, listen to Simon and Dara!

You know a lot about the fact that Dara and I met. Every moment with her. She gave me a lot of things, I hope, come too. It just didn’t work out for us. She has her own life, her own activities too. We didn’t care about each other and how it turned out, Simona told us later.

There was no bad blood between them, but they didn’t want to get married all of a sudden.

Not long ago, Simona showed off on Instagram an old cover of the magazine Spy from 2001. On it, the girls are riding side by side, so fans speculated that the model would like to be friends with the Slovak singer.

The girls fell on each other’s necks.

On the occasion of their famous rediscovery, the couple repeated their friendship a second time, but this time they met physically, at one of the events in Prague.

They immediately fell around your neck!

I will never stop loving that crazy girl. It is always set in me. His incredible energy, charisma, sense of humor, talent and that’s it! I don’t know how old it is, my love, but really fuck the age. i love forever wrote Krainov under the latest photo with Dara.

Once friends for life and death

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