There are volunteer groups in hospitals in St. Petersburg. “Paper”

The activists organized “underground movements” of volunteers who collect things for the wounded soldiers. About it reported Fontanka edition.

What “movement” are you talking about? As the authors of Fontanka reported, messages began to appear in the chats of the WhatsApp and Telegram messengers asking them to bring things for the wounded military. As a rule, such appeals are sent by doctors of hospitals where participants in the war in Ukraine are admitted.

Doctors are asked to send clothes, shoes, coffee, cigarettes, crutches, board games, phones and other things. According to the interlocutors of Fontanka, military hospitals cannot quickly stock up on the necessary amount of things that can provide all the patients who have arrived.

Also in St. Petersburg, the “Pass the Good” help group began to work, which supplies clothes to hospitals with the military, Fontanka writes. In addition, the workers of the movement lodge the relatives of the participants in the invasion of Ukraine in St. Petersburg hotels.

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