The winner of “Voice 7” Petr Zakharov: it took me twenty years to understand how our voice works

The singer with a beautiful bass-baritone overcame the diagnosis of “congenital deformity of the larynx” and now helps others to become themselves, revealing the possibilities of their voice.

In an interview with Russian TV Week, the winner of the seventh season of the Voice show, Petr Zakharov, said that he changed 19 vocal teachers and spent twenty years to make his voice sound like it is now. The singer has developed his own training methodology for artists of voice professions – those who “work with their voice”, and not only for vocalists, but also for speakers, for example. This technique, according to Petr Zakharov, helps people find themselves – more precisely, discover the opportunities that their voice gives, if you learn how to manage it. How to get to classes with Zakharov and what kind of method it is, you will learn from our story video.

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