The wild life of the missing jumper Hájek: He was kicked out of the national team because of life management

Antonín Hájka was often heard about during his active career. Sports newspapers wrote about him in connection with numerous successes on bridges, Hájek was one of the biggest domestic talents, he even set a Czech record for a length of 236 meters.

However, there was also a dark side to his brilliant career. In 2008, Antonín Hájek had a serious car accident when he did not take a turn near Harrachov. He had internal bleeding and had to have pelvic surgery. In the end, he could thank God that he survived.

This was followed by a forced break, due to which Hájek lost the World Cup. But in 2010 he made a fantastic comeback, collecting some great places including seventh place at the Olympic Games in Vancouver.

His career could easily continue for another ten years, if not more. In the end it was half of it. Antonín Hájek shocked the sports world when he decided to hang up his skis in 2015 at the age of twenty-eight, when others are at their peak.

Antonín Hájek ended his career as an athlete.

And it was a very special ending. Hájek himself vaguely said that it was a combination of several factors, including long-term health problems. But there were reports in the jumping community that he was not giving his best to training and was neglecting his lifestyle, under which you can imagine a lot of things from not following a diet to alcohol.

The end was not entirely Hájek’s decision, in fact he was fired both in the Czech national team and in Dukla, whose colors he defended at club level.

“I’m sorry, Tonda was a long-time representative and we relied on him mainly for ski flights. Today, however, the sport of show jumping is so balanced that you have to train really hard and some things simply cannot be ignored forever.” Dukla boss Michael Georgiev told at the time.

Antonín Hájek fought for his life.

Hájek retired for a few years, then returned as a youth coach. As such, he had another affair when he cheated on his wife Veronika with her good friend and his own confidante, Karolína Indráčková.

Hájek has been divorcing Veronika since March, but the proceedings now have to wait for some time. The police have been searching for the former jumper since October 2, after receiving a report of his disappearance from his family.

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