The village of Slavyanka and its unusual sights

And again, the Khasansky district of Primorsky Krai, or more precisely, its regional center, the village of Slavyanka. Exploring the coast, I wandered into this magical bay, and first examined the village itself and its unusual sights.

The Slavyansk Shipyard is the home base of the Sea Launch launch complex (Sea Launch) of the S7 company; on March 17, 2020, it arrived from the port of Los Angeles.

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Sea Launch is a floating cosmodrome for launching Zenit-3SL rockets of the Zenit family by the international consortium for the operation of the Sea Launch cosmodrome. The starting point is located in the Pacific Ocean at the coordinates 0°00′ s. sh. 154°00′ W near Christmas Island.

In the spring, vegetation in Primorye grows especially luxuriantly. The high banks are so overgrown with greenery that you feel like a pirate from a movie about Jack Sparrow in the Caribbean when you sail by.

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In this place, you want to immerse yourself in thoughts about the meaning of life, about the greatness of nature, to think about the eternal. The sound of the surf and the crackle of a small fire will keep you in good company …

Visit the Khasansky district – the pearl of the Primorsky Territory! Get a lot of unforgettable impressions and plunge into the ocean of positive emotions!

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