The viewer was not interested in sex or dogs on the red carpet. According to them, Like Haf is a flop

On the last Monday of January, FTV Prima broadcast the first part of the new reality show Like Haf. Free regional sleep sri Like House with a modified format had something new to entertain the fans. On the contrary, they are boring and boring.

In the first day, the march of singer Jan Bendig and his partner Luke Rejmon with their dogs to the villa resonated the most among the fans. Psem had to roll out the red carpet because without it they are still unable to perform. The opposite was true and the dogs ran away from him. Drama ensued due to rooms with bathrooms, which the inmates were unable to divide among themselves in prison. And while some of the fans were intrigued by the water scenes, many of them were disappointed to watch the whole thing. They never saw anything boring.

The whole reality show is basically built on a lot of different relationships. The one who beats all of them and gets the most wild votes will win the entire series and take home half a million crowns. In the second method, for example, the students had to choose one of the situations that they would have to participate in and, in turn, make a fool of themselves. Bendig played an idiot, Rejmon a policeman, and in the end, watching each other, they learned that they were going to sleep with Dda Patrasová when she was under the influence of alcohol.

The video, in which policewoman Alex Wortex had intercourse with her partner, caused a little stir among the viewers, and the others had to witness it. At least according to public collections before the day’s work. It wasn’t as it seems either, and the record was shot during the first weekly challenge, when they had to shoot their own business card through the eyes of their pet. Rdoby’s scandalous video amused others.

It seems that the new reality show disappointed the fans. Both his official profile and those of all the others are full of negative reactions.

Anyone take a look at it? I really don’t know pe one of the followers.

I don’t like who washed up this nonsense and gets a pension for it. I pity the people who sink so low and go for it two make up your mind

Followers criticize not only the content, but also some parts. Lada Horov, who is known on social media as Laduka, took part in both the first Like House series and the current one. At the time, it was one of the most talked-about companies, and the situation is similar now.

I’m sorry that there are so many negative comments here that I can’t even delete them, pe one of the followers under his last instagram pspvek.

It is noteworthy that the new series caused a rather negative reaction among fans, not a positive one. It’s a wonder what he put two months in the villa between those prys and their small-legged pet pinesos. However, it is clear that many of the viewers who have watched other movies have been silent for a long time, and the new format has already become distasteful to them.

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