The story of a social worker about the distribution of funerals in St. Petersburg. “Paper”

Social worker from St. Petersburg told “Navalny’s team” that social workers are sent to accompany employees of military enlistment offices when they deliver funerals to relatives of conscripts. They are also asked to go to the burial places of the mobilized.

A Navalny Team source shared that about 80 people usually pass through the mobilization point. At the same time, most of them come because they think that there is a criminal penalty for failure to appear. Some men continue to come even after receiving a reprieve.

“The main idea that I want to convey is that no one is looking for you. Nobody cares if you come or not. They don’t care that you can’t be mobilized. Therefore, in no case do not come to the military registration and enlistment offices and mobilization points, ”the Navalny Team quotes its interlocutor.

According to the social worker, mothers of conscripts also come to the military registration and enlistment office every day, complaining that their sons were registered as ordinary mobilized, although they left to fight as volunteers. Because of this, families cannot receive the promised 300 thousand rubles.

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