The State Duma excluded the activities of special services from the composition of public services

In the third, final reading approved billproposing, in particular, not to include special services in the number of organizations providing public services.

The bill proposes to remove from the scope of public services the activities of the FSB, FSO, foreign intelligence agencies, the Ministry of Defense, the FSTEC, the activities of the federal executive body in the field of mobilization training and mobilization in the Russian Federation, the activities of internal affairs bodies, with the exception of the implementation of functions for the provision of public services provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and its territorial bodies in accordance with the established list.

As before explained the authors of the document, “the activities of the Russian special services …, carried out even on the basis of applications from citizens, are not in their content the provision of a service and are always aimed primarily at ensuring the security of the state in order to identify, prevent and suppress illegal (including intelligence) activities of foreign states, organizations and individuals.

Based on the specifics of the functions and tasks of these departments, the fundamental principle of the activities of bodies providing public services and guarantees that citizens receive full information about the actions of state bodies, laid down in the law “On the organization of the provision of state and municipal services”, are not applicable to Russian special services, the authors believe. bill.

Special services in this matter follow in the footsteps of universities – In the summer, a law was adopted excluding the concept of “educational service” from the federal law “On Education in the Russian Federation”. The development of the document was due to the fact that representatives of the pedagogical community have repeatedly drawn attention to the inadmissibility of treating education as a service.

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