The State Construction Supervision Authority did not allow the opening of the PMC Wagner Center. “Paper”

The State Construction Supervision Authority of St. Petersburg refused to issue a permit for the commissioning of the PMC Wagner Center due to violations in the execution of documents. However, its creator Yevgeny Prigozhin does not agree with this decision and went to court. About it report in the telegram channel of a businessman.

What violations found Gosstroynadzor. The press service of Prigozhin writes that the department refers to the discrepancy between the area of ​​the constructed facility and the terms of the lease agreement.

Why does Prigogine disagree with this? According to the businessman, the documents also spelled out the possibility of changing the area of ​​​​the object if they pay extra for it.

“JSC “Retail” paid for the excess of the area to the treasury of the city, in full, in the manner and within the time limits established by the contract. All obligations have been fulfilled by the investor,” Prigozhin’s Telegram channel says.

He believes that the permit was not issued “for ideological reasons.”

Prigozhin said that he had already applied to the court to challenge the decision of Gosstroynadzor. “If the corpus delicti in the actions of Governor A.D. Beglov and other officials of the executive bodies of state power of St. Petersburg, we will act in accordance with the procedure provided for such cases, ”said the businessman.

What you need to know. “PMC Wagner Center” was opened in St. Petersburg on Far East Avenue on November 4th. The premises in the building complex are promised to be rented out free of charge to “patriotic” inventors, designers and IT specialists.

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